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  • Adventure, Interactive Story
  • Genre: (Soft-)Horror, Mystery
  • Engine: Ren'Py
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Language: English
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Let's Plays
1) "Y;N - Let's Play" by Kristi78968 (Full Playlist)

My thoughts:

I just love this LP so much. It was so much fun to watch Kristi play this game. She's a lovely let's player. It was a pure joy ride ♥. Thank you so much for playing and enjoying this game and "keep that smile on your face".

2) "Y;N - Let's Play" by Alavar Randomity (Full Playlist)

My thoughts:

Alavar, you are such a talented let's player. I enjoyed every part of this with you and I'm so sorry for all of your tears T^T. I had a really good time watching you playing this game and I am so happy you liked it. Thank you so much for doing this awesome let's play of Y;N.

3) "Y;N - Let's Play" by SoreThumbsBill (Full Playlist)

My thoughts:
Dear SoreThumbsBill, Thank you so much for doing this LP. I hope you had a good time playing my little VN. This LP is perfect for people who enjoy non-speaking LPs the most. Just relax and let SoreThumbsBill do the rest ^^. I'm like "wow" to find a third LP. Keep up the good work^^.

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