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  • Adventure, Interactive Story
  • Genre: (Soft-)Horror, Mystery
  • Engine: Ren'Py
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Language: English
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I just finished the game, and WOW!!!! It was SO AWESOME!! Like, every single part of this game was fantastic!! If you told me that this was a $30 game that was translated by fans I would totally believe it.


Hey I played Yin_beta_3.9_mac version and absolutely loved it! I can’t believe that this is your first vn game. I loved the artstyle, the sprite poses, how you did the cutscenes, the animations, the game play and the story. It was fun unravelling the mystery with the MC who was likable. I really didn’t predict where the story was going and wasn’t expecting the twists.
Thanks for creating this game! I will definitely recommend it to some friends. Do you mind if I post the trailer on tumblr with a link to the website?


hi, Mirrowdothack!
I really love your Y;N demo; you can bring out the horror element in a vn, and that's something that I rarely found. Anyway, if you want to make something like this again, let me help you with art >v< I really love to see your next game too, you're so talented!!


seriously, this game is insanely good. The only issue I had with the endings was that it was like different pieces left to let everyone know there was a sequel, and there is no sequel to play right now.


I just want to say that I am very, very impressed by Y;N so far, that I feel like it can almost be a finished work with how amazing it looks and feels. Not only is the story interesting, despite it being a visual novel, it still manages to be very disturbing and creepy. The soundtrack especially is perfect for this game. The backgrounds are beautiful, the enemy designs are intriguing, and the cgs themselves feel almost professionally polished. It's hard to imagine it was a free game! I'm definitely looking forward to more of your work or any new improvements you make for this one!


Oh man, oh man, I enjoyed this. You have a really good sense of creepy surreality, the phone image used in your sig, for instance, is super cool and iconic, and the sound design is on the ball which helps the atmosphere a ton. I'm already pumped for you to release more stuff in this universe. :D also i drew you a SPOILER thing


I played this last night and kinda missed it today. I would love to see more in this universe. The character designs are awesome! Playtime was more like 1-2 hours for me. Thought the play style was really cool. Also thought the voice clips sounded good and were well placed.

I'm updating my indie horror game blog so I ended up replaying this.
I think I like it even better the second (third? fourth?) time! Totally want to do a cosplay of one of the characters.
I hope we get some more clarity on that or I am probably going to have to play it again and do some crazy in-depth analysis.

pls don't make me do crazy in-depth analysis :<


So I played this game and may I just say, Amazing! I had so much fun playing; I am a big fan of puzzles and yours were great. Especially the math one; it took me a little while to figure it out but when I did, it was a great 'aha!' moment for me. Please tell me you're planning a sequel, because it needs to happen :)


You are so going to the Void. Your sin is reducing me to a miserable bumbling crybaby. I WANT TO CRY BUT THERE ARE NO MORE TEARS.

First of all, I know theyre placeholders, but the choice of BGM for the more emotional and nostalgic events are great. I'll miss them even if you get the official OST.
This is amazing work. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it, it really shows.


Registered an account so I can tell you that I finished your game. It took me all night and into the early morning hours because I'm a moron who can't do math puzzles. Two more hours, half a dozen save files, and half a pack of cigarettes later, I realized that the location of the green letters and the solutions were on the website. Wow, I'm dumb.
And I finally got the Promise ending. Please make the sequel soon. I want to read more about Yin. :( Yin is the bestest!


I actually downloaded this game a while ago because I liked the premise, but only just got around to trying it. And wow, I wished I had played it sooner! I just spent my entire evening obsessively trying to get all the endings. O.O

Excuse me while I fangirl for a bit, but everything was just so well done – the striking visual presentation and character designs, the perfectly placed sound effects, the variety of puzzles and intriguing storyline...I very rarely finish games without skipping text or quitting after one path, but I couldn’t stop playing Y;N until I had every single ending. This is one of my favorite LSF games now.


Ah well, it's probably something up with my laptop XD Finished it! AGHSVFBECDBCNGH!
It's so awesommmmmmmmmmmmmmmme!
I'm not (why did I type that? O.o) in the process of recommending it to all my friends (even the ones who don't like horror lol), can't wait to hear it with it's own OST XD

Also, do you have like a donate to the creator thing? I would love to donate some money to you to see more games like this.

Finally got around to downloading ang playing this game, and OMG it was GREAT. The scenes and the story flow were very well done. The puzzles were challenging enough to feel fulfilled once you've solved them, but not frustrating at all. The trials reminded me a bit about the trials and evidence presentation in Ace Attorney (was that intentional? ^-^), with some Umineko 'red words' thrown in, and were a nice touch. And the ghoulish creatures were scary as heck.

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