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  • Adventure, Interactive Story
  • Genre: (Soft-)Horror, Mystery
  • Engine: Ren'Py
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Language: English
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Diary Guide

Diary entries (12):

These are optional elements. You don't need them for any ending, but these entries provide more background information.

  • "My sister": Ep1: automatic, after gaining the diary
  • "Our place": Ep2: children’s room, investigate the upper bed area
  • "Freak": Ep2: TV room, investigate the monitors
  • "Mom and dad": Ep2: hallway: investigate the mirror
  • "Something important": Ep2: automatic, after you’ve entered the bridge
  • "Stranger": Ep2: automatic, after you’ve entered the playground
  • "Childhood": Ep2: automatic, after you’ve investigated the house on the playground
  • "They won’t come": Ep2: hospital: investigate one of the beds
  • "Death": Ep2: after you’ve solved the hamster riddle, look at one of the bloody pictures
  • "I’m sorry": Ep2: automatic, after investigating the cellar exit door
  • "Thank you": Ep2: school: investigate the desk of Yin’s sister before you move on
  • "I tried": Ep2: school: after gaining green letter #14, investigate the door one more time