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All games, pictures, videos, etc. on this page were created by Janine Jäkel aka Mirrowdothack (fan works excluded).


You can download my games for free here:

You don’t have to pay for it. Please tell me if someone sells my games, thank you.

Terms of Use:

It is not allowed to upload and/or sale my games(and/or its content, e.g. pictures …), art, videos, etc. elsewhere or claim it to be yours. You may use one of my work's content for a non-commercial “let’s play” or “fanworks” (like fanarts, fanfictions, doujinshi, manga, comics, visual novels, …). You are allowed to take screenshots for your blog or something, but the entry should be about the game and include the download link from above. Please feel free to provide the download link from above in your work’s description, thank you. (Please do not provide the direct link since the page itself is still under construction and the link could change.) If you like to sell your fan work you need my permission. So, please feel free to contact me via:

Fonts, Sounds and Music:

Do not use the fonts, music and/or sound of my games directly. Check out the “Credtis.rtf” for the URL to the original files. You are not allowed to use the mixed versions since the licence of the original author may have changed. Please follow the authors licence in order to use fonts, music and/or sounds.


If you want to use my games (its story, art, characters, music), art or videos, etc. in another kind of work which wasn’t mentioned here, please ask me about it. Thank you.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me, too.


If you’ve enjoyed my games please feel free to write me via email or you may contact me via facebook or like the game’s own facebook page.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any trouble running the game or other problems^^

Updates & new games:

For updates or (upcoming) new games just check out the following links:
I wish you much fun with my games.

Sincerely, Mirrowdothack, 2014