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New Fan Works added

"Y;N" got some new amazing Fan Art *___*. There is also a brand new Let's Plays. So... amazing. Love you guys^^.

November 7th 2015

Y;N will get a synchonisation

"Y;N"'s cast will get some voices. I'm so excited. I'll keep you up to date^^.

August 1st 2015

New Fan Arts, Fan Music and Let's Plays added

"Y;N" got some new Fan Works and TWO Let's Plays + one aweseome music track and a new Fan Art. I'd never imagine that my game would get fan work... T^T. You guys rock so much. I love you.

December 26th 2014

New game announced: Crime • Scene

"It may seem strange to hear this from a policeman, but my aim is to find a way so that people can die again.

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August 1st 2014

New Website Design

This page has finally gotten its new design and structure. I hope you will enjoy it.

July 5th 2014

"The Iron Heart Witch" Beta added

After five days with way to less sleep, I can proudly present you my latest KN: "The Iron Heart Witch". It can be found and downloaded for free.

check it out

July 2nd 2014

"Y;N" will get some new music

Thanks to the forum I "meet" KT. She will now create some unique music pieces for "Y;N". Until the new soundtrack is finished, the game's state stays "beta" for a bit longer.

March 20th 2014

"Y;N" Trailer added

A "Y;N" trailer is now available. Find it in the game's section. Hope you enjoy it.

March 31st 2014

"Y;N" Beta available

"Y;N" is now ready for public beta. The beta version includes the full game. I wish you much fun.

check it out

March 20th 2014