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  • Adventure, Interactive Story
  • Genre: (Soft-)Horror, Mystery
  • Engine: Ren'Py
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Language: English
Some comments


I just finished the game, and WOW!!!! It was SO AWESOME!! Like, every single part of this game was fantastic!! If you told me that this was a $30 game that was translated by fans I would totally believe it.


Hey I played Yin_beta_3.9_mac version and absolutely loved it! I can't believe that this is your first vn game. I loved the artstyle, the sprite poses, how you did the cutscenes, the animations, the game play and the story. It was fun unravelling the mystery with the MC who was likable. I really didn't predict where the story was going and wasn't expecting the twists.
Thanks for creating this game! I will definitely recommend it to some friends. Do you mind if I post the trailer on tumblr with a link to the website?

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Y;N (Yin, Yes or No)

"I haven't killed anyone!"

Imagine you wake up in a strange world and find yourself sitting on a death-chair.
What would you do?

That's exactly the situation Yin found herself in. Desperately protesting against her execution Yin wakes up in a prison cell. A male voice starts to talk to her. Introducing himself as Keith Amon McInnes he tells Yin that the world around them is called the Void and that every person who ends up there deserves it. Yin denies that thesis and claims her innocence. All she wants is to wake up from this nightmare.

Key features:
  • Help Yin to escape from her nightmare
  • Investigate the Void, a strange world between reality and illusion
  • Solve several riddles and escape dangerous situations in order to move on
  • Use items that you've found to prove Yin's innocence in three trials
  • Unique combination of story and gameplay elements
  • Follow a thrilling story with an outcome you won't expect


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  • Draw a fanart or write a fanfiction, etc. (and of course let me know about it^^)
  • Recommend it to your friends
  • Etc.