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Preview: Crime • Scene

Crime • Scene

  • In Progress
  • Adventure, Interactive Story
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Horror
  • Language: English
  • Endings: Multiple
Crime • Scene

"It may seem strange to hear this from a policeman, but my aim is to find a way so that people can die again.“

17 year ago the "Tower of Babel" appeared. After this incident the inhabitants of Old Saint Harbor lost their ability to die naturally. Because of this "illness" (Athanasios) the town was quarantined and "The Golden Rules" were determined by the government.

Key features:
  • Play as different characters
  • Follow their daily life and discover their past
  • Use their extraordinary abilities
  • Find out the truth behind the "Tower of Babel" and "Athanasios"
  • Investigate "Old Saint Harbor" and tne "Visum"
  • Make decisions and influence the story (sometimes there won't be a "right" choice)
  • The game will go on, no matter what you will choose or do!