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Concepts for run Bea RUN!

run Bea RUN!

  • In Progress
  • Point & Click Adventure
  • Genre: Comedy, Humor
  • Endings: Multiple
run Bea RUN!

"Do you remember this girl I like?"
"Sure. Why do you ask?"
"Well, I ... accidentally ... I ... I turned her into a chicken."
"You did WHAT?!"

Meet Heinrich Faust, a real genius, who turned his love interest Beatrice into a chicken by accident. Together with his childhood friend Margarete Faust is desperately trying to find a way to fix Beatrice's "body-swap-problem".

Key features:
  • Follow a hilarious story. Meet many crazy people and explore memorable locations
  • Find a way to undo the effect of Faust's failed experiment
  • Bond with NPCs in order to get items or to gather information: Become friends or foes
  • Find your own way to solve riddles: There are several possibilities to do it